Blasting Services

Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services offers a range of flexible blasting solutions to suit every situation. Our equipment is designed to deliver an environmentally friendly, dust-free operation wherever possible.


Our service options include:


  • at our Dust Controlled Permanent Blast Room located at Lot 2789 Troutman Road, Collie WA.


  • In confined spaces or at heights – around 50% of our work is performed in confined spaces, such as boilers and vessels, throughout WA’s South West.
  • Mobile Open Air Blasting Unit – for larger projects where items are too big to be placed in a controlled blast room and therefore cannot be worked on in a dust-free environment; or
  • In our unique Mobile Dust-Free Blast Booths – we have two of these transportable units that enable blasting to be carried out in controlled situations anywhere on site, either outside or inside larger workshops. These facilities are unique: because they have no dust emissions the booths can be set up in a normal working area.

Anything can be blasted that will fit in these Mobile Blast Booths. For example, they are commonly used for blasting critical turbine components – a significant advantage when these parts might be irreplaceable, thus mitigating the risk of having to transport components to an offsite facility.

Our Mobile Blast Booths can be transported to any site or work area in Australia.

Find out our Mobile Blast Booth Specifications.

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