Safety First

rpb nova talk respiratorCoalfields Blasting and Coating Services (CBSC) do 50% of our work in confined spaces, such as in boilers and vessels throughout Western Australia’s South West. To ensure the highest level of safety in confined spaces we implement the latest technology such as the Nova Talk Blast Helmet which gives full contact with fellow workers at all times.

Our unique Mobile Blast Booths that are transported around the work sites reclaim their own dust. This allows us to work inside larger building on areas such as walkways, flooring and bunkers while maintaining a dust free environment.

To improve safety in your workplace, we provide a wide range of products to applicate on floors – from walkways to whole workshop floors and all types of chemical bunds. This is the best way to keep your work area neat and tidy. It is also easier to clean all those nasty spills as they are all chemical resistant.

Our Company’s Safety and Environmental Policies:
  • Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services has undertaken to continue with Worksafe practices and strong emphasis on safety.
  • Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services has recorded 4 years of operation accident free trading and will strive and endeavor to continue this worksafe practice well into the future.
  • All efforts and awareness programs are put forward to continually remind staff of the importance of these procedures. Monthly staff meetings are held to encourage comment of any safety hazards which may develop, if not checked immediately.
  • Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services is a second business to Collie Machine Shop which has now completed 10 years accident free time as has Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services since starting this business in October 1996.
  • Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services also has an energetic attitude to the environmental issues and constantly monitors any changes where damage could arise towards the environment. Our equipment is designed to operate as a dust free operation and only large items are not in a dust free environment.
  • The dust free blast room at our location in Troutman Road Collie, the Mobile Dust Free Blast Room and our Mobile Blast Unit are all registered with the Department of Environment.
  • Coalfields Blasting and Coating Services practices Quality Assurance procedures, AS 3902 and AS Standards 1400 for Environmental Procedures and Control.